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The use of colour in your brand

The use of colour in your brand is a key factor in conveying a great deal of messages. Colours can influence our emotions and make us comprehend our surroundings.

The choice of colour we choose should be used throughout our brand. Below, I will mention some of the colours and what kind of messages they can convey.

White is not a colour but rather an absence of colour. It gives out messages such as purity, cleanliness and freedom.

Black gives feelings such as authority, power and strength. I personally believe the colour black is used more often than it really should, taking into consideration that we can communicate so much more in other colours. However, it seems to be the easy option.

Red is mostly used for attention grabbing, excitement and intensity.

Orange – we see this colour a lot on logos or brands associated with food. This is because it gives out feelings such as stimulation, energy and enthusiasm.

Yellow is usually for pleasure, optimism and brightness. This colour is also an attention grabber, especially when associated with black.

Green is associated with health, calmness and nature. Blue gives a sense of security, loyalty and reliability.

Purple is more of a fun colour, giving out feelings of sophistication, exoticness and respect. Brown is almost always associated with coffee, reliability and stability.

I strongly believe that the use of colours is fundamental in creating our brand.

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